The POPI Act is:

This law is designed to provide robust protection for the personal information of individuals that is collected and used by both public and private organizations. It lays down strict minimum requirements for the handling of this information and establishes an Information Regulator with the power to enforce compliance with the law. The law also regulates the flow of personal information across national borders, and includes provisions to ensure that unsolicited electronic communications and automated decision making are subject to strict controls. Codes of conduct can be issued to provide guidance on compliance, and the law provides for strong measures to be taken against those who breach its provisions.

What is the purpose of this act?

In order to fully protect the constitutional right to privacy, responsible parties must take action to safeguard personal information, while being mindful of justifiable limitations.

“It is imperative to establish clear guidelines and regulations to govern the collection, processing, and storage of personal information in a regulated and secure manner.”

The act firmly guarantees people’s right to protect their personal information by providing them with ample rights and remedies.

It is imperative to establish both voluntary and compulsory measures to effectively promote, enforce and fulfill the rights protected by this act.

Who should comply?

To ensure the privacy of individuals, it is important that any entity that collects information from its customers does so in a responsible and transparent manner. This applies to all registered or sole entities that provide a product or service to the public.

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