We offer a variety of Finance products and services

TSSG is proud to announce that we have entered into a Financial Specialist partnership with AT 360 FINANCE BEDFORDVIEW who pride themselves in being the first intermediary business offering services and products that create, protect and recover their client’s wealth. We will offer innovative solutions to the business’s financing requirement to optimise business opportunities. Our existing clients show much appreciation for the services provided and the commitment by the At 360 group.

We look forward to establishing new business relationships and also nurturing our well-established existing relationships with our clients. Our drive to add value to all the stakeholders forms the foundation of this partnership. The Finance providers and Investors we use are well respected organisations and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to them.

We Offer

Residential Property Finance – When buying a home, we find the best and most affordable financing solution through the commercial banks and our network of registered financial credit providers or investors

Commercial Property Finance – There are several possibilities and options to acquire commercial property. Either the owner will occupy the property or buy it to rent out space. Our credit providers or investors are always looking for the opportunity to help

Industrial Property Finance – The owner will use the property for its own business, but have the option to rent out portions of the property.

Business Financing – Most business people understand that sometime the business need to obtain finance. We offer unsecured and secured financing, bridging finance, factoring and trade financing through our large network of service providers

Agricultural Financing – with the ever increasing demand for agriculture, our service providers offers an array of financing, from buying additional farmland, buying the much needed equipment to a short term loan to carry the farm for a while

Asset & Vehicle Financing – We go look for the most suitable solution to obtain that perfect vehicle or boat

Solar Solution Financing – with the ever increasing cost of electricity and the prospect of future hikes, there is none so good as to put our good weather to use. Solar is becoming the way forward

Property Development – We are running out of living space and developers need to be supported to provide this valuable development. Our Investors and Credit Providers are looking to invest in the idea of providing accommodation

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